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Underwater communication has never been easier. Hear and be heard clearly with the new Ping Mk IV mobile dive phone.

Divers Unit
Dive Tenders Unit

The Mk IV divers unit is intended for use by divers equipped with full face mask. The Mk IV’s digital signal processor offers reliable wireless speech communication with adaptive noise reduction. The transmitter can be push-to-talk (PTT) or voice operated (VOX). The divers unit has a water resistant microphone and a high quality bone conduction earphone. The Mk IV offers top class range and sensitivity in a small device that is easy to use. It comes with built in rechargeable batteries and a quick charger, easily connected through a charge plug. LED indicators shows battery power and signal strength. The transceiver housing is made of anodized aluminum, light and robust.

A surface unit with headset, intended for a dive tender/master is also available, and a divers unit with only receiver functionality, for divers without full face mask. The Mk IV dive tenders unit is intended for communicating with the Mk IV divers unit, but can also be used to communicate with another dive tender/master within range. The dive tenders unit has a headset with stereo phones and a boom microphone. The dive tenders unit can also be connected to an external speaker or voice recorder through an optional line-out connector.

Wireless underwater communication provides increased security and safety for scuba divers, and does not limit the diver’s freedom of movement. The Ping Mk IV mobile dive phone is an indispensable tool for everyone with a need to communicate under water.

More information is available in the following data sheets, for download. The products can be ordered from Ping Marine Electronics.

Data sheet
Price list
Ping Mk IV Mobile, Divers Unit
Ping Mk IV Mobile, Dive Tenders Unit
Ping Mk IV English Users Manual

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